Drupal cache adapter

1.0.0-alpha1 2023-08-10 09:56 UTC

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Drupal Cache Adapter

Provides a Symfony Cache adapter to Drupal cache system.

It's useful when a third-party library requires a php-cache style adapter to cache data but you want to pipe the cachig process through the Drupal cache API.

A good example is, a library that is querying the GitHub API. Calls to GitHub might be cached but the library requires a php-cache adapter. You can use the DrupalAdapter provided by this package, to route the cache write/read via Drupal caching API. See


Use composer:

composer require claudiu-cristea/drupal-cache-adapter



use Drupal\Cache\Adapter\DrupalAdapter;
use ThirdParty\Library\Client;

class SomeService {

  public function doSomething() {
    $client = new Client(...);
    $adapter = new DrupalAdapter(\Drupal::service(''), 'some-prefix');