Claroline migration bundle

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Doctrine Migrations integration bundle providing :

  • Generation of migration classes on a per bundle basis
  • Generation for multiple target platforms
  • API allowing to execute migrations programmaticaly

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Install the bundle with composer:

composer require claroline/migration-bundle

Then add the bundle to your application kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php

use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Kernel;

class AppKernel extends Kernel
    public function registerBundles()
        $bundles = array(
            // ...
            new Claroline\MigrationBundle\ClarolineMigrationBundle(),

    // ...


You can generate migrations for a specific bundle using:

php app/console claroline:migration:generate AcmeFooBundle

This command will create migration classes for all the available platforms in the Migrations directory of the bundle.

You can execute a migration using one of the following commands:

php app/console claroline:migration:upgrade AcmeFooBundle
php app/console claroline:migration:downgrade AcmeFooBundle

By default, both commands execute the nearest available migration version (relatively to the current/installed one), but you can specify another target using the --target option:

php app/console claroline:migration:downgrade AcmeFooBundle --target=20130101124512
php app/console claroline:migration:upgrade AcmeFooBundle --target=nearest
php app/console claroline:migration:upgrade AcmeFooBundle --target=farthest

where farthest means a full upgrade/downgrade.

The following command displays the list of available versions for a bundle and highlights the current/installed one:

php app/console claroline:migration:version AcmeFooBundle

Finally, you can delete generated migration classes which are above the current version of a bundle using:

php app/console claroline:migration:discard AcmeFooBundle

This last command is useful if you intend to "merge" several migration classes generated during development into a single migration class. In such a case, the steps to follow would be:

# downgrading to the newest version you want to keep
php app/console claroline:migration:downgrade AcmeFooBundle --target=20130101124512
# deleting everything above that version
php app/console claroline:migration:discard AcmeFooBundle
# generating a new migration class
php app/console claroline:migration:generate AcmeFooBundle


The whole API is accessible through the migration manager class:


$bundle = $container->get('kernel')->getBundle('AcmeFooBundle');
$container->get('claroline.migration.manager')->upgradeBundle($bundle, '20131201134501');