Embed Godot pck files in Flarum posts

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This extension adds a [godot]<URL to pck file>[/godot] bbcode to Flarum that renders an iframe with an embedded player.

The bbcode is registered into FoF Upload as a template.

bbcode parameters (all optional):

  • filesize=INT: pck file size in bytes. Automatically populated when using FoF Upload. Necessary for progress bar to be visible.
  • version=TEXT: The unique key of a version defined in the admin panel.
  • cover=URL: URL to an image file that will be rendered as background before the game is loaded.
  • args=TEXT: Arguments to pass to Godot Engine. Will be parsed similarly to command line arguments and merged with --main-pack argument.
  • width=NUMBER (default 600): Width of embedded player in pixels.
  • height=NUMBER (default 400): Height of embedded player in pixels. Design is responsive, if the player is resized down, the ratio will be preserved.
  • touch=1: Hides the "not compatible with touch devices" message.
  • autoload=1: Loads the game without needing to click in iframe.
  • toolbar=left|right|hidden (default: right): Changes on which side of the player the toolbar is inserted. hidden removes the toolbar completely (there will be no way to go full screen or restart).

Before you can use the extension, you need to download the templates from and host the files somewhere on your server. Then provide the public URL to that folder in the "Base path" setting in the admin panel. For example, you can extract to <Flarum installation>/public/assets/godot and set /assets/godot in the setting. Optionally add the size of the wasm file in bytes in the corresponding setting for the progress bar to render.

Multiple Godot versions can be configured in the admin panel. The order of the versions is not important, and the unique key can be anything using characters - +,.0-9A-Za-z_. The version selected as "default" will be injected in the FoF Upload template as well as in bbcodes that don't provide a version.

This extension doesn't provide any built-in security! For use in production, make sure the engine and game files are accessed through a CDN URL that doesn't allow access to Flarum cookies.

For example if your forum is hosted at, you could configure as an alias in your VirtualHost. Then use that domain for the "Iframe Host" setting as well as FoF Upload CDN URL in case files are hosted using the local adapter.

If you are using a naked/apex domain as canonical URL, you can't use a subdomain as the sandbox domain! You will need a different domain! (sorry, that's how cookies work!)

You should add Apache or nginx rewrites for the following URLs:

  • /godot-embed on main Flarum domain: block access with 401 or 404. Prevents abuse because it can load arbitrary files via query parameter.
  • /assets/files/* on main Flarum domain: block access with 401 or 404 (when using FoF Upload local adapter). Malicious actors could use the liberal file validation to upload HTML files and trick users to visit for XSS.
  • / (or anything except /godot-embed and /assets/*) on sandbox domain: redirect to main domain. This prevents anyone from accidentally trying to login on wrong domain or search engines from indexing duplicate content.

The resources are loaded like this:

  • Browser: [Flarum domain] / Discussion
    • Iframe: [Sandbox domain] /godot-embed?url=<pck url>&cover=<cover url>
      • [Sandbox domain] / Flarum CSS
      • [Sandbox domain] / Flarum Fonts
      • [Base path] / Godot Engine
      • [Base path] / Godot WASM
      • <Pck url>
      • <Cover url>


composer require clarkwinkelmann/flarum-ext-godot-embed


This extension is under minimal maintenance.

It was developed for a client and released as open-source for the benefit of the community. I might publish simple bugfixes or compatibility updates for free.

You can contact me to sponsor additional features or updates.

Support is offered on a "best effort" basis through the Flarum community thread.

Sponsors: Xwdit