Public server for electronic hydrometers for homebrewing

1.0.0 2017-10-28 21:37 UTC


This is a public server for electronic hydrometers like TILT Hydrometer or iSpindel, that are commonly used to measure fermentation process in homebrewing. The server allows homebrewers to keep a log of the data and visualize it via charts.


The Hydrometers and their data are saved in a relational database. The data is visualized using C3.js charts. The interface is built with Bootstrap 4. Authentication is handled by OAuth2, with various supported providers.


Install Composer, PHPs package manager, if not available.

Create a project in DIRECTORY

composer create-project ckrack/hydrometer-public-server DIRECTORY --prefer-dist

Run spark to generate a set of numbers required for the config.

composer spark

Modify the database settings to suit your environment. Modify optimus configuration with the above numbers. Create credentials at an oauth2 provider (@see .env).

nano ./src/.env

When your settings are updated, generate the database tables:

composer setup-db

TCP-Server or HTTP?

If you wish to run the TCP-Server, you need to run php ./bin/tcp-server.php as a process. You can always use the HTTP API.