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Ratelimit certain actions, such as username + password login

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v1.1.0 2020-10-22 15:15 UTC


This module provides functionality to ratelimit aspects of SSP


composer require cirrusidentity/simplesamlphp-module-ratelimit

Rate Limiting Auth Source

Any authsource that uses username and password (and also extends UserPassBase) can be wrapped with RateLimitUserPass to limit the number of authentication attempts an attacker can make.


  • DeviceCookieLimimter: This sets a device cookie on successful authentications. Subsequent authentication attempts for the same user, on the same device will be allowed to proceed. This prevents an attacker from denial of servicing other users.
  • IpLimiter: Allow limiting attempts by IP address. Allows white listing IPs and subnets to exclude
  • PasswordStuffLimiter: Limits the amount of attempts an incorrect password can be used. Used to prevent password stuffing attacks where an attacker uses the same password but varies the username
  • UsernameLimiter: Limits the amount of attempts by username.


All included limiters support these 2 settings:

  • limit: (int)The number of failed attempts before limiter takes affect
  • window: (string) An ISO8601 duration string for the time window to track limit. Example: PT5M would be 5 minutes. P14D would be 14 days.

Configuration should be done in authsources.php. The RateLimitUserPass authsource wraps other auth sources to enforce the rate limits. Each of your existing authsource definitions should get moved inside the 'delegate' key.

Sample Configuration

$config = [

//  Sample authsource prior to using rate limiting
//    'sample' => [
//        'ldap:Ldap',
//         //Other ldap:LDAP options
//     ],

// Sample authsource after moving to rate limiting
     'sample' => [  // Authsource name stays the same
         'delegate' => [  // Previous authsource configuration for 'sample' moves here
            //Other ldap:LDAP options
         'ratelimit' => [
               0 => [
                    'window' => 'P28D',
                    'limit' => 10,
               1 => [
                    'window' => 'PT5M',
                    'limit' => 20
               2 => [
                    'window' => 'PT5M',
                    'limit' => 20
               3 => [
                    'window' => 'PT5M',
                    'limit' => 100,
                    'whitelist' => [

If no ratelimit block is defined then the UsernameLimiter and DeviceCookieLimiter are automatically enabled.

Blocking behavior

When a login attempt is blocked the authsource throws a WRONGUSERPASS error.


Run phpcs to check code style

./vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=PSR2 lib/ tests/

Run phpunit to test


You can auto correct some findings from phpcs. It is recommended you do this after stage your changes (or maybe even commit) since there is a non-trivial chance it will just mess up your code.

./vendor/bin/phpcbf --ignore=somefile.php --standard=PSR2 lib/ tests/