This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

Utilities for PHP 7.1 and up

0.2.32 2022-02-17 10:09 UTC


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some utilities for php, nothing special, nothing new, just to my taste


installation is simply done via composer composer require chris-kruining/utilities


The main component of the library is the Collection at the moment. The goal of the Collection is to provide a object oriented interface for array functions. It also has a couple of extra's like method chaining and linq-esc implementation(NOT DONE YET) so that you may interact with the Collection as if it was a database table

for example

CPB\Utilities\Collections\Collection::from([ 'these', 'are', null, null, 'some', null, 'test', 'values', null ])
  ->toString(' ');

would yield

'these are some test values'

which is the same as

join(' ', array_filter([ 'these', 'are', null, null, 'some', null, 'test', 'values', null ]));

I agree, the vannilla way is shorter now but the strength really comes into play when we start adding callbacks and increase the chain length

CPB\Utilities\Collections\Collection::from([ 'these', '', '', 'are', null, 'some', null, 'test', '', 'values', '' ])
  ->filter(fn($v) => $v !== null && strlen($v) > 0)
  ->map(fn($k, $v) => $k . '::' . $v)

would yield


which is the same as

$filtered = array_filter(
  [ 'these', '', '', 'are', null, 'some', null, 'test', '', 'values', '' ], 
  fn($v) => $v !== null && strlen($v) > 0

join('|', array_map(fn($k, $v) => $k . '::' . $v, array_keys($filtered), $filtered));

As you can see the collection version maintains readability whereas the vannilla version loses in my opinion it's charm because to achieve a single goal you need to spread it out over multiple variables


  • Implement basic features to Collection
  • Bloat Collection with features :P
  • Split of features into an inheritance tree
  • Split lazy mode from Collection into LazyCollection and implement PHP's array functions as generators
  • Finish inheritance structure
  • Implement LazyCollection
  • (Better) implement the Queryable interface in a new class so the Collection doesn't become bloated