A QR code generator and reader with a user friendly API. PHP 7.4+

5.0-beta 2023-03-22 20:24 UTC


A PHP QR Code generator based on the implementation by Kazuhiko Arase, namespaced, cleaned up, improved and other stuff.
It also features a QR Code reader based on a PHP port of the ZXing library.

Hi! Please check out the v5.0-beta release and leave your feedback in this discussion thread. Thanks!

Attention: there is now also a javascript port: chillerlan/js-qrcode.

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  • Creation of Model 2 QR Codes, Version 1 to 40
  • ECC Levels L/M/Q/H supported
  • Mixed mode support (encoding modes can be combined within a QR symbol). Supported modes:
    • numeric
    • alphanumeric
    • 8-bit binary
    • 13-bit double-byte:
  • Flexible, easily extensible output modules, built-in support for the following output formats:
    • GdImage
    • ImageMagick
    • Markup types: SVG, HTML, etc.
    • String types: JSON, plain text, etc.
    • Encapsulated Postscript (EPS)
    • PDF via FPDF
  • QR Code reader (via GD and ImageMagick)


For the QRCode reader, either ext-gd or ext-imagick is required!


Installation with composer

See the installation guide for more info!


composer require chillerlan/php-qrcode


	"require": {
		"php": "^7.4 || ^8.0",
		"chillerlan/php-qrcode": "dev-main#<commit_hash>"

Note: replace dev-main with a version constraint, e.g. ^4.3 - see releases for valid versions.


We want to encode this URI for a mobile authenticator into a QRcode image:

$data = 'otpauth://totp/test?secret=B3JX4VCVJDVNXNZ5&';

// quick and simple:
echo '<img src="'.(new QRCode)->render($data).'" alt="QR Code" />';

Wait, what was that? Please again, slower! See Advanced usage in the manual. Also, have a look in the examples folder for some more usage examples.

QR codes are awesome!

Reading QR Codes

Using the built-in QR Code reader is pretty straight-forward:

// it's generally a good idea to wrap the reader in a try/catch block because it WILL throw eventually
	$result = (new QRCode)->readFromFile('path/to/file.png'); // -> DecoderResult

	// you can now use the result instance...
	$content = $result->data;
	$matrix  = $result->getMatrix(); // -> QRMatrix

	// ...or simply cast it to string to get the content:
	$content = (string)$result;
catch(Throwable $e){
	// oopsies!

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I don't take responsibility for molten CPUs, misled applications, failed log-ins etc.. Use at your own risk!

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