Easily allows forking up to a max number of processes

0.9.6 2016-09-12 20:14 UTC


An easy to use and simple library for doing parallel processing using simple process forks.

All credit should go to the amazing maintainers of Perl's (CPAN) Parallel::ForkManager which I used for about 10 years.

To use:

Add this package to your composer dependencies.

use CentralDesktop\Parallel\ForkManager;

// build an object, limit to total concurrent processes.

You must declare(ticks = 1); in order for signal handing to work properly in PHP

$fm = new ForkManager(10); $fm->start();

while ($fm->alive()) { if ($fm->start()) { continue; }


$fm->stop(); } $fm->shutdown_all();

You probably may want to handle specific signals by installing signal handlers.

$fm->set_parent_sighandler(array($this, 'parent_signal_handler'));

$fm->set_child_sighandler(array($this, 'child_signal_handler'));