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Pretty stats

Setting it up is a ridiculously easy 2-step process:


1. Composer

Simply add a dependency on cauditor/analyzer to your composer.json file if you use Composer to manage the dependencies of your project:

composer require cauditor/analyzer --dev

This will make this library available in your CI server.

2. CI build

Add this to your .travis.yml's after_success statements:


  - vendor/bin/cauditor

It'll instruct Travis CI to generate the metrics & submit them to

This should also work on other CI providers, as long as you make sure composer install --dev is run so this client gets installed.

3. Look at those pretty metrics!

Point your browser to and look at the results!


Add a .cauditor.yml file to the root of your project. Available configuration options (and their defaults) are:


# path where metrics data will be exported to
build_path: build/cauditor
# folders to be excluded when analyzing code
exclude_folders: [tests, vendor]

Note that, in addition to whatever is configured, folders 'vendors', '.git' & '.svn' are always excluded.