A New Markdown parser for Laravel built on parsedown

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A New Markdown parser for Laravel built on Parsedown and Parsedown Extra.


The best and easiest way to install this package is through Composer.


This package fully compatible with Laravel above 5.4.

Require Package

Open your application's composer.json file and add the following line to the require array:

"buzzylab/laradown": "~0.2"

Note: Make sure that after the required changes your composer.json file is valid by running composer validate.

After installing the package, open your Laravel config file located at config/app.php and add the following service provider to the $providers array:


Note: Checkout Laravel's Service Providers and Service Container documentation for further details.

And add the following to $aliases

'Markdown' => Buzzylab\Laradown\Facades\MarkdownFacade::class



echo Markdown::render(); // OR echo Markdown::convert();

That's all.

Blade Directive:

Use @markdown directive with parameter:


  {{-- $content is markdown data --}}

Use @markdown with @endmarkdown as directive block:


  # Laradown Packag

Add style to your converted html with @markdownstyle

    {{-- Get defaute style file --}}
    {{-- Custom style file --}}

Helper Functions:


Convert markdown content to html


Add style to converted html


This software is released under The MIT License (MIT).