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Part of BuzzingPixel's Corbomite project.

Provides a method for scheduling things to run.


When you require this into a Corbomite project, the CLI commands and dependency injection config will automatically be set up.


Corbomite Schedule needs to add a database table in order to function. In order to do this, it needs to create some migrations which then need to be run. Run the create-migrations command, which will place migration files in your Corobomite project.

php app schedule/create-migrations

After running that command, you'll need to run the migrations:

php app migrate/up

Running the schedule

In dev, you'll probably just want to run the schedule manually. The command to do that is:

php app schedule/run

In production you'll want to set it to run on a cron every minute. Here's an example:

* * * * * /user/bin/php /path/to/projet/app schedule/run >> /dev/null 2>&1

Registering a schedule

Your app or composer package can provide a schedule. To do so, set a scheduleConfigFilePath key in the extra object of your composer.json:

    "name": "vendor/name",
    "extra": {
        "scheduleConfigFilePath": "src/scheduleConfig.php"

The return of your config file path should be an array formatted like this:


return [
        'class' => \some\MyClass::class,
        'method' => 'someMethod', // Defaults to __invoke,
        'runEvery' => 'Day', // Always|FiveMinutes|TenMinutes|ThirtyMinutes|Hour|Day|Week|Month|DayAtMidnight|SaturdayAtMidnight|SundayAtMidnight|MondayAtMidnight|TuesdayAtMidnight|WednesdayAtMidnight|ThursdayAtMidNight|FridayAtMidnight
        'class' => \some\OtherClass::class, // Your class will be retrieved from the Corbomite DI or falls back to new
        'runEvery' => 'Day', // You can also specify minutes here


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