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Part of BuzzingPixel's Corbomite project.

This project provides a very thin layer on top of Atlas to make it available to Corbomite's DI and CLI.


When you require this into a Corbomite project, the CLI commands and dependency injection config will automatically be set up. But you will need to set up some environment variables.

Environment Variables

The following environment variables are optional:

  • DB_DSN_PREFIX (defaults to mysql)
  • DB_HOST (defaults to localhost)
  • DB_PORT (defaults to none, can also set to 'false' to disable)
  • DB_DATABASE (can also set to 'false' to disable)
  • DB_CHARSET (defaults to utf8mb4, can also set to 'false' to disable)

The following environment variables need to be set:


The last two tell Corbomite (Atlas) 1). what namespace to use when creating the data skeleton classes, and 2). what directory to put those classes in.

Generating the skeleton

php app db/generate-skeleton

Run the skeleton generation command on first run and any time your database schema changes so all of Atlas' classes will be set up for you to use.


You should inject \corbomite\db\Factory into your classes where you need the ORM so you can use the makeOrm method on the factory to get a new instance of the ORM.


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