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Part of BuzzingPixel's Corbomite project.

Provides transaction email capabilities.



The Mailer makes use of the Corobomite Queue feature so be sure you have the queue running.

Webmaster From and Email environment variables

For deliverability, emails are ways sent from the the webmaster email. Be sure to set the following environment variables:

  • WEBMASTER_NAME="Some Name"


To set what adapter the mailer uses, make sure to set the CORBOMITE_MAILER_ADAPTER_CLASS environment variable to a fully qualified class name of an adapter. The built-in adapters are:

  • buzzingpixel\corbomitemailer\adapters\SendGridSendMailAdapter
  • buzzingpixel\corbomitemailer\adapters\MandrillMailSendMailAdapter
  • buzzingpixel\corbomitemailer\adapters\MailGunSendMailAdapter
  • buzzingpixel\corbomitemailer\adapters\PostMarkSendMailAdapter

You can also write your own adapter. It must implement buzzingpixel\corbomitemailer\interfaces\SendMailAdapterInterface.

Built-in Adapter Environment variables


To use the SendGridSendMailAdapter, be sure to set the SENDGRID_API_KEY environment variable.


To use the MandrillMailSendMailAdapter, be sure to set the MANDRILL_API_KEY environment variable.


To use the MailGunSendMailAdapter, be sure to set the MAILGUN_API_KEY and MAILGUN_DOMAIN environment variables.


To use the PostMarkSendMailAdapter, be sure to set the POSTMARK_SERVER_TOKEN environment variable.

Sending email


use corbomite\di\Di;
use buzzingpixel\corbomitemailer\interfaces\EmailApiInterface;

 * Requesting the EmailApiInterface will return an instance of \buzzingpixel\corbomitemailer\EmailApi
 * You can override it with your own implementation by setting to return value of PHP-DI for
 * the interface to your own implementation
$emailApi = Di::diContainer()->get(EmailApiInterface::class);

$emailModel = $this->emailApi->createEmailModel([
    'fromName' => 'Some Name', // Optional, fromEmail must be set
    'fromEmail' => 'Some Email', // Optional
    'toName' => 'Some Name', // Optional
    'toEmail' => '', // Required
    'subject' => 'Some Subject', // Required
    'messagePlainText' => 'Plaintext Content', // Required if messageHtml not set. Derived from messageHtml if not set
    'messageHtml' => '<p>Html Content</p>', // Required if messagePlainText not set

// Add the email to the queue and let the queue runner send it (recommended)

// Send the email right away (avoid if possible)


Copyright 2019 BuzzingPixel, LLC

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

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