TYPO3 CMS pizpalue distribution base.

v5.0.0 2022-10-03 16:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-07-18 16:34:22 UTC


This composer package serves as a base to start new typo3 projects based on pizpalue distribution.

It uses pizpalue version 14 and TYPO3 version 11.

Quick start

  1. Check shell PHP version

    Ensure that the PHP version from the shell is compatible with your TYPO3 version.

  2. Get packages

    composer create-project buepro/typo3-pizpalue-distribution-base pizpalue
  3. Enter project directory

    cd pizpalue
  4. Setup TYPO3

    php vendor/bin/typo3cms install:setup \
    --no-interaction \
    --use-existing-database \
    --database-host-name="" \
    --database-port="3306" \
    --database-name="db" \
    --database-user-name="db" \
    --database-user-password="db" \
    --admin-user-name="admin" \
    --admin-password="password" \
    --site-name="Pizpalue site" \
    --web-server-config="apache" \

    Extension setup is skipped due to a bug in the package helhum/typo3-console.

  5. Setup extensions

    vendor/bin/typo3 extension:setup
  6. Review composer.json

    1. Define packages

      Remove the dependency to "buepro/typo3-pizpalue-distribution" and all packages not required by the site.

      NOTE: Just use the needed packages. In many projects just buepro/typo3-pizpalue and buepro/typo3-container-elements are required.

    2. Add repository for site package

      "repositories": [
            "type": "vcs",
            "url": "../../git/typo3-user_pizpalue.git"
    3. Check PHP configuration

      Make sure the PHP version used in the shell and for cron jobs corresponds to the PHP version used for running the website. In case they differ you might need to add a platform configuration to composer.json. A possible platform configuration could look as following:

      "config": {
        "platform": {
          "php": "8.1.9"
    4. Finalize installation

      After modifying the composer configuration finalize the installation:

      composer finalize-installation
    5. Update root template record

      Not loaded extensions might still have their static template referenced in the root template record. This can result in incorrect rendering issues. To update the root template record open and save the template record on the root page.

    6. Update the core regularly

      To keep the core up to date a cron job might be defined. A possible command could be as following:

      cd ~/httpdocs/pizpalue && composer core-update