Symfony2 bundle that extends Sensio ParamConverter functionality, allowing to convert simple GET and complex POST data

1.0.1 2014-10-17 18:21 UTC


BuExtraParamConverterBundle extends Sensio ParamConverter functionality, allowing to convert simple GET and complex POST data to entities, decode json data and strip tags from data.

Requires SensioFrameworkExtraBundle.

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Add bundle with composer:

composer require bu/extra-param-converter-bundle dev-master

Register bundle in AppKernel.php:

// app/AppKernel.php

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        // ...
        new Bu\ExtraParamConverterBundle\BuExtraParamConverterBundle(),

Sensio ParamConverter should be enabled, ie parameter sensio_framework_extra.request.converters in your app config should be set to true (set by default).



You don't need to write any annotations, following code will work with any GET request with user parameter, like "/getUserDetails?user=123"

public function detailsAction(User $user)

where 123 is user id. It will throw NotFoundHttpException if can't find User by this id.


use Bu\ExtraParamConverterBundle\Configuration\ExtraParamConverter;

     * @ExtraParamConverter("data", jsonData=true, stripTags=true, namespace="App", entities={"groups"="Group", "role"="Role"})
    public function saveUserAction(array $data)
        // $data['groups'] ...

In this example:

  • raw post data will be json-decoded (jsonData=false by default for standard form submit)
  • all string values will be filtered (stripTags=false by default)
  • all "groups" will converted to "Group" entities, array [id1, id2, id3] - to array of "App:Group" entities
  • all "role" will converted to "Role" entity, single value to single entity
  • all is processed recursively to deepest level
  • result will available in $data (confugired by first unnamed parameter in annotation)
  • exceptions will be thrown in number of incorrect situations:
    • invalid json data, invalid post data
    • entities are defined without namespace (you can ommit them both if want only jsonDecode/stripTags)
    • key defined for entity not found in data
    • any entity not found by id

Recommented to set doctrine mapping alias for your bundle:

# Doctrine Configuration
                alias: My

This will allow you to use short namespace "My" instead of long autogenerated "ApplicationMySuperBundle".


This bundle is under the MIT license.