A client to send messages through Pushover

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❗️ Provides functionality to send messages via Pushover


  • PHP >= 7.1


composer require brunty/pushover

You will also need to require your adapter of choice


As per the Pushover API Documentation - user and token form your credentials.

Messages are made up of a message body and a title in a Brunty\Pushover\Message object.

Optionally you can specify a device to send the message to as well, if you don't specify this, it'll send to all devices.

use Brunty\Pushover\Client;
use Brunty\Pushover\Credentials;
use Brunty\Pushover\Message;
use Http\Mock\Client as MockClient;

// Mock client here wouldn't send a request, it's used for testing
// substitute with your own real client from the adapters above
$client = new Client(new MockClient, new Credentials('user', 'token'));
$client->pushMessage(new Message('message', 'optional title'), 'optional device');

The following are not (yet) supported, but will be in the near future:

  • url
  • url_title
  • priority
  • timestamp
  • sound


This started as a small personal project.

Although this project is small, openness and inclusivity are taken seriously. To that end a code of conduct (listed in the contributing guide) has been adopted.

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