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(Unofficial) eBay Selling Partner API client (PHP) - Taxonomy API

Code generated from eBay's Swagger file using allansun/openapi-code-generator.

Generated code is well self-documented with proper PHPDoc annotations.

Please refer to eBay's documentation for detailed API behaviour explanation.


composer require bricre/ebay-api-commerce-taxonomy

You will also need a PSR-18 compatible client see

So either use Guzzle (or any other PSR-18 compatible clients)

composer require php-http/guzzle7-adapter


This project matches eBay's API versioning.

Due to the restriction of Composer, version number like '2021-01-01' will be changed to '2021.01.01'.

Should you found a matching version not being available. Please contact the author to generate against correct version.


First you need to create a PSR-18. Then in your business logic you can call API operations directly.

You may also want to check out eBay's document about how to authorize your request.

use Ebay\Sell\Account\Api\Program;
$httpClient = new \GuzzleHttp\Client([
    'base_uri' => '',
        'Authorization'=> 'Bearer <accessToken>'
$api = new Program($httpClient);

$programs = $api->getOptedIns();