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A universal OpenAPI (V3) or Swagger (V2) schema parser to convert OpenAPI/Swagger files into PHP object for programming use.


composer require-dev allansun/openapi-parser


This project is used for 'dev' environment only. It does not generate/provide any codes for run-time environment.

To start


    use OpenAPI\Parser;
    $OpenAPI = Parser::parse('openapi.json');

The parser class will automatically detect input file type (JSON or YAML) and use correct parser (Swagger or OpenAPI) to parse the input.

Alternatively, you can call the correct parser directly.


    use OpenAPI\Parser\OpenAPIParser;
    $Parser = new OpenAPIParser();
    $OpenAPI = $Parser->parse(json_decode(file_get_contents('openapi.json'), true));

Or to parse the legacy Swagger version


    use OpenAPI\Parser\SwaggerParser;
    $Parser = new SwaggerParser();
    $Swagger = $Parser->parse(json_decode(file_get_contents('swagger.json'), true));

The result would be:



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