API client generated from OpenAPI definition from Amazon Selling Partner API for Authorization

v1 2022-06-14 10:47 UTC

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Code generated from Amazon's Swagger file using allansun/openapi-code-generator.

Generated code is well self-documented with proper PHPDoc annotations.

Please refer to Amazon's documentation for detailed API behaviour explanation.


composer require bricre/amazon-selling-partner-sdk-authorization

You will also need a PSR-7 based client or Symfony's HTTP Foundation based client

So either use Guzzle (or any other PSR-7 compatible clients)

composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle

or Symfony HTTP Client

composer require symfony/http-client


This project matches Amazon's API versioning.

Due to the restriction of Composer, version number like '2021-01-01' will be changed to '2021.01.01'.

Should you found a matching version not being available. Please contact the author to generate against correct version.


First you need to configure OpenAPI\RunTime\Client with required credentials and predefined responses types. You only need to do this once (or create a service in your dependency injection).

You may also want to check out Amazon's document about how to authorize your request

use Amz\Authorization\ResponseTypes;
use OpenAPI\Runtime\Client;
use OpenAPI\Runtime\SimplePsrResponseHandlerStack;

    new \GuzzleHttp\Client([
        'base_uri' => '',
            'Authorization'=> 'Bearer <accessToken>'
    new SimplePsrResponseHandlerStack(new ResponseTypes())

Then in your business logic you can call API operations directly

use Amz\AplusContent\Api\AplusContent;
use Ebay\Sell\Account\Api\Program;

$api = new AplusContent();

$docs = $api->searchContentDocuments(['marketplaceId'=>'xxxxxx']);