The Boxalino Real Time User Experience (RTUX) API integration guidelines

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For the PHP integration, Boxalino comes with a divided approach: framework layer, data export layer and integration layer. The current repository is used as aN integration layer.

This repository is a test-framework for the API requests, response and the API library. With the use of Docker, will create a symfony web-server on which the API requests can be tested. The response is returned raw JSON


This repository is not subject to Boxalino maintenance on client setup. This means, the guidelines are supposed to be integrated in a repository/plugin maintainted & developed by the client`s team.

This repository can be deployed for testing Boxalino features or in order to prepare your own integration. In order to deploy it as is in a local environment, check the Setup steps bellow.


You are able to use the repository if:

  1. you have access to Boxalino API credentials
  2. a data index is available for your Boxalino account
  3. narratives and layout blocks have been designed in the Boxalino Intelligence admin


The latest documentation is available in the wiki.

Setup (for local/testing purposes)

  1. Clone/Fork the repository git clone

  2. Create the environment file (.env) based on .env.dist and set the credentials

  3. Run the CLI image and do a composer update to install dependencies docker-compose run --rm cli-setup /bin/bash composer update

  4. Launch the Symfony web server docker-compose up -d app

  5. Check the port that`s assigned to component's port 8000 docker ps -a | grep 8000/tcp

  6. Check the API response / request for each use-cases:

  • listing : /navigation/
  • search : /search/?query=&page=&order=&sort=
  • product recommendation : /product/
  • basket recommendation : /cart/?product_id=&other_cart_ids=<id|id|id>
  • autocomplete : /autocomplete?query=

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