This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the bolt/project package instead.

Bolt 4 standard project skeleton

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Set up a new Bolt 4 project, using the following command, replacing project with your desired project's name.

composer create-project bolt/project myprojectname

Navigate into the newly created folder, and configure the database in .env:

# SQLite


Then, set up the database, create the first user and add fixtures:

bin/console bolt:setup

Run Bolt using the built-in webserver, Symfony CLI, Docker or your own preferred webserver:

bin/console server:start


symfony server:start -d
symfony open:local


make docker-install

Finally, open the new installation in a browser. If you've used one of the commands above, you'll find the frontpage at The Bolt admin panel can be found at

Log in using the credentials you created when setting up the first user.