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v3.0.2 2017-08-23 10:11 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2022-10-29 02:07:04 UTC


An extended starter skeleton for a Bolt Extension


To get going run the following command, replacing the last argument with the name of your extension:

composer create-project --no-install 'bolt/bolt-extension-starter-extended:^3.0' <newextname>

Extension Content

This extension includes examples for the following features:

  • Routes

    • Handling inside extension class
    • Handling inside a controller class
    • Twig response
    • JSON response
    • URL parameter
    • GET and POST parameter
  • Accessing config

    • Extension config
    • Global config
  • Own Twig functions

  • Own Fieldtypes

  • Event listeners

    • Handling inside extension class
    • Handling inside a listener class
  • Own Menu Options


This extension adds several example routes to the system to show you how to define them inline in your Extension class or in a separate controller.

/example/url returns "Hello, Bolt!" as plain text.

/example/url/in/controller returns "Hello, World!" as plain text but will be handled in a controller class.

/example/url/json returns a key value pair in JSON.

/example/url/parameter/{id} returns the given url parameter as JSON.

/example/url/get-parameter?foo=bar&baz=foo&id=7 returns the given GET parameter as JSON.

/example/url/template returns content from a Twig template.

Own Menu Options

This extension adds /bolt/my-custom-backend-page as Custom Page to the menu in the admin backend. It appears under Extras.

You are not limited to just backend sites or sites served by Bolt. You can add any URL to the menu in the admin backend.

For more information, see this page in the Bolt documentation: