TYPO3 extension for creating responsive email templates

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v1.0.7 2019-05-27 12:18 UTC


This is the offical documentation of the bw_email extension.


You can use this extension to send whole pages or any other content entry that has a TCA definition.

The templates are parsed with Zurb Foundation Inky. You can use the Inky markup to generate the table markup needed for most mail clients.


  • require via composer `composer require blueways/bw-email`
  • install via Extension manager
  • include typoscript setup and constants after your typoscript code via `static template` or by manuel include:


[your typoscript]
<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE:EXT:bw_email/Configuration/TypoScript/constants.typoscript">


[your typoscript]
<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE:EXT:bw_email/Configuration/TypoScript/setup.typoscript">
  • include the static pageTS to the root of your page tree


The extensions offers some default templates located in `ÈXT:bw_email/Resources/Private/Templates`. You can add your own templates via constants:

plugin.tx_bwemail {
	view {
		templateRootPath =
		partialRootPath =
		layoutRootPath =

Keep in mind that the templates are added to `page.10.templatRootPaths.118` - naming a template like one of your default page templates will cause an override in your frontend!

Default mail settings

plugin.tx_bwemail {
    settings {
            css = EXT:bw_email/Resources/Public/Css/app.css
            senderAddress =
            senderName = Example sender name
            replytoAddress =
            subject = Example subject
            template = Default
            showUid = 1
            recipientAddress =

Data sources

Right from the start you can send single Emails to an email address from inside the email wizard. If you like to send emails to multiple people, you can create a Email data source entry and select one of the following build-in connectors:

  • fe_users
  • CSV file (upcoming)

Usage in other extensions

You can use the `Blueways\View\EmailView in your own extension to render responsive email HTML with Inky syntax. It works just like the `StandaloneView``.


You can use the DataSource-Provider or create your own ContactProvider.

DataSource model

If you like to configure your source via Backend, you can use the existing DataSource model. Create your own Model by extending the `ContactSourceModel and implement thegetContacts()` method.

Don't forget to register the inheritance via typoscript:

config.tx_extbase.persistence.classes {
    Blueways\BwEmail\Domain\Model\ContactSource {
        subclasses {
            Vendor\Extension\YourModel = Vendor\Extension\YourModel
    Vendor\Extension\YourModel.mapping {
        recordType = Vendor\Extension\YourModel
        tableName = tx_bwemail_domain_model_contactsource

ContactProvider service

If you like to use external data, you can write your own ContactProvider. Just extend from `Blueways\BwEmail\Service\ContactProvider` and register the class via Hook:

Known issues

  • CSS files need to be hard coded in email template (see Default.html)
  • Inline RTE links are wrapped with an additional `<p></p>` that causes line breaks
  • Internal links may be broken

Improvement ideas

  • embed images in message
  • separate backend module
  • send mail log