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Last update: 2024-07-16 19:15:24 UTC


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Simple package to quickly generate basic structure for other laravel packages inspired by Alexander Melihov Laravel Package generator.


Install via composer

composer require --dev blok/laravel-package-generator

Add service provider to config/app.php in providers section (it is optional step if you use laravel>=5.5 with package auto discovery feature)


Publish package config if you want customize default values

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Blok\LaravelPackageGenerator\ServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Available commands

php artisan package:new vendor package

Create new package.

Example: php artisan package:new Melihovv SomeAwesomePackage

This command will:

  • Create workbench/bok/some-awesome-package folder
  • Register package in app composer.json
  • Copy package skeleton from skeleton folder to created folder (you can provide your custom skeleton path in config)
  • Run git init packages/blok/some-awesome-package
  • Run composer update blok/some-awesome-package
  • Run composer dump-autoload

I recommend to run this command with interactive -i flag:

php artisan package:new Blok SomeAwesomePackage -i

This way you will be prompted for every needed value.

php artisan package:remove

Remove the existing package.

Example: php artisan package:remove Blok SomeAwesomePackage

This command will:

  • Run composer remove blok/some-awesome-package
  • Remove packages/blok/some-awesome-package folder
  • Unregister package in app composer.json
  • Run composer dump-autoload

Interactive mode also possible.

php artisan package:clone

Clone the existing package.

Example: php artisan package:clone Melihovv LaravelEnvValidator --src=src/LaravelEnvValidator

This command will:

  • Clone specified repo in packages/blok/laravel-env-validator folder
  • Register package in app composer.json
  • Run composer update blok/laravel-env-validator
  • Run composer dump-autoload

Interactive mode also possible. If you need you can specify which branch to clone with -b flag.

Custom skeleton

This package will copy all folders and files from specified skeleton path to package folder. You can use templates in your skeleton. All files with tpl extension will be provided with some variables available to use in them. tpl extension will be stripped.

Available variables to use in templates:

  • vendor (e.g. Blok)
  • package (e.g. SomeAwesomePackage)
  • vendorFolderName (e.g. blok)
  • packageFolderName (e.g. some-awesome-package)
  • packageHumanName (e.g. Some awesome package)
  • composerName (e.g. blok/some-awesome-package)
  • composerDesc (e.g. A some awesome package)
  • composerKeywords (e.g. some,awesome,package)
  • licence (e.g. MIT)
  • phpVersion (e.g. >=7.0)
  • aliasName (e.g. some-awesome-package)
  • configFileName (e.g. some-awesome-package)
  • year (e.g. 2017)
  • name (e.g. Alexander Melihov)
  • email (e.g.
  • githubPackageUrl (e.g.

Things you need to to manually:

  • Service provider and alias registration (if you use laravel <5.5)
  • In
    • StyleCI repository identifier
    • Sensio Insight repository identifier
    • Package description
    • Usage section


If you discover any security related issues, please email instead of using the issue tracker.