A Monorepo for Full-stack PHP independent libraries. (metapackage)

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🧱 About

Poakium is a monorepo of reuseable PHP independent libraries developed by Biurad Lap for creating scalable and maintainable web and console applications. Visit our official website here for more information.

📦 Installation

  • Install libraries with Composer (see requirements in the composer.json file).
  • All libraries follows the semantic versioning strictly, publishes "Long Term Support" (LTS) versions and has a release process that is predictable and business-friendly.

🙌 Sponsor

Poakium is backed by DivineNii and Biurad Lap.

DivineNii is a software engineer who is passionate about open source and the PHP community. He provides a wide range of professional services, kindly contact him at

Biurad Lap is a tech company/agency in Ghana, providing software development, cloud solutions, consulting, and training services. Visit their website for more information.

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📚 Documentation

Follow the instructions in to get a development environment set up.

📂 Repo Structure

The repository has the following packages (sub projects):

Please do not use biurad/poakium in production! Use the split packages instead, unless your project heavily relies on it.


Poakium is open-sourced software and licensed under the MIT license.