Http Galaxy: abstraction for HTTP request, response, and csp protection. Provides careful data sanitization and utility for URL and cookies manipulation.

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The Poakium Http Galaxy

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A PHP library that designed to provide PSR-7, PSR-15 and PSR-17 seamless integration with symfony/http-foundation for your projects.

📦 Installation

This project requires PHP 7.4 or higher. The recommended way to install, is via Composer. Simply run:

$ composer require biurad/http-galaxy

📍 Quick Start

Since symfony/http-foundation library is a standard on it's own, libraries which relies on PHP-FIG standard makes it difficult to integrate with. With this library you can safely use PHP-FIG standards with good performance. build quickly using HTTP Galaxy.

Here is an example of how to use the library:

use Biurad\Http\Factory\Psr17Factory;
use Biurad\Http\Middlewares\PrepareResponseMiddleware;
use Biurad\Http\Response;
use Laminas\Stratigility\Middleware\CallableMiddlewareDecorator;
use Laminas\Stratigility\MiddlewarePipe;
use Psr\Http\Message\{ResponseInterface, ServerRequestInterface};
use Psr\Http\Server\RequestHandlerInterface;

// Create a PSR-7 Request
$request = Psr17Factory::fromGlobalRequest();

// Create a PSR-15 Request Handler
$dispatcher = new MiddlewarePipe();
$dispatcher->pipe(new PrepareResponseMiddleware());
    new CallableMiddlewareDecorator(
        function (ServerRequestInterface $request, RequestHandlerInterface $handler): ResponseInterface {
            // Apply middleware logic here
            return $handler->handle($request);

// A request handler handling application's logic
$handler = new \App\MyRequestHandler();

// Process the request handler and middleware(s)
$response = $dispatcher->process($request, $handler);
\assert($response instanceof Response);

// Send the response to the client from symfony's response object

📓 Documentation

In-depth documentation on how to use this library can be found at It is also recommended to browse through unit tests in the tests directory.

🙌 Sponsors

If this library made it into your project, or you interested in supporting us, please consider donating to support future development.

👥 Credits & Acknowledgements

📄 License

Poakium HTTP Galaxy is completely free and released under the BSD 3 License.