This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the leuchtfeuer/mautic-auth0-bundle package instead.

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This Mautic plugin allows logins and sign ups via Auth0.


  1. Open a Terminal / Console window
  2. Change directory to the mautic root (i.e. cd /var/www/mautic)
  3. Clone this repository into plugins/MauticAuth0Bundle (git clone plugins/MauticAuth0Bundle)
  4. Clear the cache (php app/console cache:clear)
  5. Go to Settings -> Plugins and click on "Install/Upgrade Plugins"
  6. Choose the Auth0 Plugin, adapt the configuration and publish it

There is also the possibility to add this package directly into your project composer.json file by executing following command: composer require leuchtfeuer/mautic-auth0-bundle.

We are currently supporting following Mautic versions:

Bundle Version Mautic v5 Support Mautic v4 Support Mautic v3 Support Mautic v2 Support
2.0.x x - - -
1.1.x - x x -
1.0.x - - x x

Plugin Configuration

Configuration Description
domain Auth0 Domain
audience Link to audience (should be /api/v2)
client_id ID of the client
client_secret Secret of the client


You can configure the mapping (Auth0 data -> Mautic User data) in the configuration module. There are several options:

Configuration Title Default (Auth0) Value
auth0_username Username email
auth0_email Email email
auth0_firstName First Name given_name
auth0_lastName Last Name family_name
auth0_signature Signature
auth0_position Position
auth0_timezone Timezone
auth0_locale Language

Use dot syntax to access arrays (i.e. user_metadata.login_name).


If you want to map a role from Auth0 to your Mautic-User you have to alter your app_metadata in your Auth0-User (where <ROLE_ID> is the ID of your Mautic-Role):

    "mautic": {
        "role": <ROLE_ID>

Update from Mautic 2.x.x to Mautic 3.x.x

When updating the plugin, please make sure to change the callback URL from ../s/sso_login/Auth0Auth to ../s/sso_login/Auth0 in your Auth0 application settings.

Update from Mautic 4.x.x to Mautic 5.x.x

When updating the plugin, please make sure to change the callback URL from ../s/sso_login/Auth0 to to ../s/sso_login/LeuchtfeuerAuth0 in your Auth0 application settings.


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