Mollie payment plugin for Sylius applications.

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Mollie Payments Plugin for Sylius

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At BitBag we do believe in open source. However, we are able to do it just because of our awesome clients, who are kind enough to share some parts of our work with the community. Therefore, if you feel like there is a possibility for us working together, feel free to reach us out. You will find out more about our professional services, technologies and contact details at

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Screenshot showing payment methods show in shop

Screenshot showing payment methods show in admin

Screenshot showing payment method config in admin

Mollie is the most popular and advanced payment gateway integration with Sylius. This plugin is officially certified by Mollie. The integration currently supports the following payment methods:

  1. Credit Cards (Master Card, VISA, American Express)
  2. PayPal
  3. ApplePay
  4. Klarna
  5. iDEAL
  6. SEPA
  8. EPS
  9. Giropay
  10. KBC/CBC Payment Button
  11. Przelewy24
  12. ING Home'Pay
  13. Belfius Pay Button
  14. Gift cards
  15. Apple Pay Direct

Few words from Mollie: Our mission is to create a greater playing field for everyone. By offering convenient, safe world-wide payment solutions we remove barriers so you could focus on growing your business. Being authentic is our baseline.

Mollie is one of Europe's fastest-growing fin-tech companies. We provide a simple payment API, that enables webshop and app builders to implement more than twenty different payment methods in one go. Our packages and plugins are completely open-source, freely available, and easy to integrate into your current project.

Mollie thrives on innovation. When we started we spearheaded the payments industry by introducing effortless payment products that were easier, cheaper, and more flexible than what the rigid, cumbersome banks could do. Now, more than a decade later, trusted by 70.000+ businesses, Mollie is still building innovative products and working hard to make payments better.

We are here to help

This open-source plugin was developed to help the Sylius community and make Mollie payments platform available to any Sylius store. If you have any additional questions, would like help with installing or configuring the plugin or need any assistance with your Sylius project - let us know!



We work on stable, supported and up-to-date versions of packages. We recommend you to do the same.

Package Version
PHP ^7.2
ext-json: *
mollie/mollie-api-php ^2.0
sylius/admin-order-creation-plugin ^0.9.0
sylius/refund-plugin ^1.0.0-RC.3
sylius/sylius ^1.7.0

For the full installation guide please go to installation


During configuration first, save the keys to the database and then click "Load methods"

Rendering Mollie credit card form

You can use BitBagSyliusMolliePlugin:DirectDebit:_form.html.twig and @BitBagSyliusMolliePlugin/Grid/Action/cancelSubscriptionMollie.html.twig templates for adding the form to supplementing the direct debit card data from and cancel the subscription form the Twig UI.

For an example on how to do that, take a look at these source files.


You can decorate available services and extend current forms.

Run the below command to see what Symfony services are shared with this plugin:

$ bin/console debug:container bitbag_sylius_mollie_plugin

Recurring subscription

State Machine

For a better integration with Mollie's recurring subscription, you can use state machine callback.

Available states:

  • Processing: Subscription created but not active yet (startdate higher than "now")
  • Active: Subscription is in progress. Not all payments are done, but we wait until the next payment date
  • Cancelled: The merchant cancelled the subscription
  • Suspended: Mandates became invalid, so the subscription is suspended
  • Completed: All subscription payments are executed according to the timetable

Plugin Development


$ composer install
$ cd tests/Application
$ yarn install
$ yarn encore dev
$ bin/console assets:install -e test
$ bin/console doctrine:database:create -e test
$ bin/console doctrine:schema:create -e test
$ symfony server:start
$ open http://localhost:8080 // or the port showed in your terminal while runing command with symfony server:start
  • Also in tests/Application/config/packages/webpack_encore.yaml, make sure there is such configuration:
    output_path: '%kernel.project_dir%/public/build/default'
        mollie-admin: '%kernel.project_dir%/public/build/mollie-admin'
        mollie-shop: '%kernel.project_dir%/public/build/mollie-shop'
  • Also make sure you have such configuration in your shop and admin views directory:
in: src/Resources/views/Shop/_javascripts.html.twig:
<script src=""></script>
{{ encore_entry_script_tags('shop-entry', null, 'mollie-shop') }}
{{ encore_entry_script_tags('plugin-shop-entry', null, 'mollie-shop') }}

in: src/Resources/views/Shop/_stylesheets.html.twig:
{{ encore_entry_link_tags('shop-entry', null, 'mollie-shop') }}
{{ encore_entry_link_tags('plugin-shop-entry', null, 'mollie-shop') }}
in: src/Resources/views/Admin/_javascripts.html.twig:
{{ encore_entry_script_tags('admin-entry', null, 'mollie-admin') }}
{{ encore_entry_script_tags('plugin-admin-entry', null, 'mollie-admin') }}

in: src/Resources/views/Admin/_stylesheets.html.twig:
{{ encore_entry_link_tags('admin-entry', null, 'mollie-admin') }}
{{ encore_entry_link_tags('plugin-admin-entry', null, 'mollie-admin') }}


Starting server and building assets

  • Go to ./tests/Application/ directory
  • Run symfony server:start in terminal. It will start local server.
  • Run yarn watch in terminal. It will watch your changes in admin and shop catalogs: ../../src/Resources/assets/admin/.., ../../src/Resources/assets/shop/..
  • Run yarn dev in terminal to build your assets once in development mode.
  • Run yarn encore production in terminal, to build your assets once in production mode - its required before creating every Pull Request.
  • All assets (mollie assets + sylius base assets) will be build in:

Rebuilding assets in your root/SRC directory

  • bin/console assets:install

CSS & JS files directory you can edit and work with:

  • Admin: go to ./src/Resources/assets/admin/**/
  • Shop: go to ./src/Resources/assets/shop/**/


$ bin/behat
$ bin/phpspec run

About us

BitBag is an agency that provides high-quality eCommerce and Digital Experience software. Our main area of expertise includes eCommerce consulting and development for B2C, B2B, and Multi-vendor Marketplaces. The scope of our services related to Sylius includes:

  • Consulting in the field of strategy development
  • Personalized headless software development
  • System maintenance and long-term support
  • Outsourcing
  • Plugin development
  • Data migration

Some numbers regarding Sylius:

  • 20+ experts including consultants, UI/UX designers, Sylius trained front-end and back-end developers,
  • 100+ projects delivered on top of Sylius,
  • Clients from 20+ countries
  • 3+ years in the Sylius ecosystem.

If you need some help with Sylius development, don't be hesitate to contact us directly. You can fill the form on this site or send us an e-mail to!


For online communication, we invite you to chat with us & other users on Sylius Slack.

Demo Sylius shop

We created a demo app with some useful use-cases of plugins! Visit to take a look at it. The admin can be accessed under link and sylius: sylius credentials. Plugins that we have used in the demo:

BitBag's Plugin GitHub Sylius' Store
ACL PLugin Private. Available after the purchasing.
Braintree Plugin
CMS Plugin
Elasticsearch Plugin
Mailchimp Plugin
Multisafepay Plugin
Wishlist Plugin
Sylius' Plugin GitHub Sylius' Store
Admin Order Creation Plugin
Invoicing Plugin
Refund Plugin

If you need an overview of Sylius' capabilities, schedule a consultation with our expert.

Additional resources for developers

To learn more about our contribution workflow and more, we encourage ypu to use the following resources:


This plugin's source code is completely free and released under the terms of the MIT license.


If you want to contact us, the best way is to fill the form on our website or send us an e-mail to with your question(s). We guarantee that we answer as soon as we can!