Reading ICC Color Profiles

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ICC ColorProfile

Reading ICC Color Profiles. This library is based on the work of Andreas Heigl in org_heigl/color.


This library is made for the use with Composer. Add it to you project by running $ composer require bitandblack/iccprofile.


Set up an ICCProfile object with the path to a profile or alternatively a string with the profile itself:


use BitAndBlack\ICCProfile\ICCProfile;

$iccProfile = new ICCProfile('/path/to/SomeProfile.icc');

Access the profile's information then:


$space = $iccProfile->getSpace();

This will get something like RGB.

Using the internal profiles

This library holds a lot of ICC profiles in the data folder. To load one of them, you can use the File class:


use BitAndBlack\ICCProfile\File;
use BitAndBlack\ICCProfile\FileEnum;
use BitAndBlack\ICCProfile\ICCProfile;

$file = (string) new File(

$iccProfile = new ICCProfile($file);


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