A Library to handle Colors. This includes conversion to and from different spaces including ICC-profiles as well as modifying existing colors

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This library helps handling colors and ICC-Profiles in PHP

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Installation is best done using composer like this:

composer require org_heigl/color


This library requires at least PHP 5.5 and is tested up to PHP 7.0


Reading different informations from an ICC-Profile.

use Org_Heigl\Color\Profile as P;

$profile = P\Renderer::renderProfile('/path/tp/profile', new P\Profile());
echo $profile->getTable('desc')->getContent() // Outputs the Name of the profile

You can use it as described in this short example. For more examples have a look at the documentation.

// This uses a gras-green and changes it to a lighter variation
// for usage as background-color
use Org_Heigl\Color as C;
$color   = C\ColorFactory::createFromRgb(123,234,12);
$handler = C\Handler\HandlerFactory::getHslHandler($color);
echo C\Renderer\RendererFactory::getRgbHexRenderer()->render($handler->getColor());
// Prints #ccfa9e

alternate Example using a CMYK-Color as input and merging it with an RGB-Color to get a new color as HSL-Value

// This uses a dark green as input color and merges it with a light red
use Org_Heigl\Color as C
$green = C\ColorFactory::createFromCmyk(100, 0, 100, 0);
$red   = C\ColorFactory::createFromRgb(255, 128, 128);
$handler = C\Handler\HandlerFactory::getMergeHandler($green);
echo C\Renderer\RendererFactory::getHslRenderer()->render($handler->getColor());
// Prints hsl(h.hh,,l.ll);


This library is licensed unser the MIT-License