Asynchronous MQTT client built on React

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This package provides an asynchronous MQTT client built on the React socket library. All client methods return a promise which is fulfilled if the operation succeeded or rejected if the operation failed. Incoming messages of subscribed topics are delivered via the "message" event.


Via composer:

$ composer require binsoul/net-mqtt-client-react


Connect to a public broker and run forever.


use BinSoul\Net\Mqtt\Client\React\ReactMqttClient;
use BinSoul\Net\Mqtt\Connection;
use BinSoul\Net\Mqtt\DefaultMessage;
use BinSoul\Net\Mqtt\DefaultSubscription;
use BinSoul\Net\Mqtt\Message;
use BinSoul\Net\Mqtt\Subscription;
use React\Socket\DnsConnector;
use React\Socket\TcpConnector;

include 'vendor/autoload.php';

// Setup client
$loop = \React\EventLoop\Factory::create();
$dnsResolverFactory = new \React\Dns\Resolver\Factory();
$connector = new DnsConnector(new TcpConnector($loop), $dnsResolverFactory->createCached('', $loop));
$client = new ReactMqttClient($connector, $loop);

// Bind to events
$client->on('open', function () use ($client) {
    // Network connection established
    echo sprintf("Open: %s:%d\n", $client->getHost(), $client->getPort());

$client->on('close', function () use ($client, $loop) {
    // Network connection closed
    echo sprintf("Close: %s:%d\n", $client->getHost(), $client->getPort());


$client->on('connect', function (Connection $connection) {
    // Broker connected
    echo sprintf("Connect: client=%s\n", $connection->getClientID());

$client->on('disconnect', function (Connection $connection) {
    // Broker disconnected
    echo sprintf("Disconnect: client=%s\n", $connection->getClientID());

$client->on('message', function (Message $message) {
    // Incoming message
    echo 'Message';

    if ($message->isDuplicate()) {
        echo ' (duplicate)';

    if ($message->isRetained()) {
        echo ' (retained)';

    echo ': '.$message->getTopic().' => '.mb_strimwidth($message->getPayload(), 0, 50, '...');
    echo "\n";

$client->on('warning', function (\Exception $e) {
    echo sprintf("Warning: %s\n", $e->getMessage());

$client->on('error', function (\Exception $e) use ($loop) {
    echo sprintf("Error: %s\n", $e->getMessage());


// Connect to broker
    function () use ($client) {
        // Subscribe to all topics
        $client->subscribe(new DefaultSubscription('#'))
            ->then(function (Subscription $subscription) {
                echo sprintf("Subscribe: %s\n", $subscription->getFilter());
            ->otherwise(function (\Exception $e) {
                echo sprintf("Error: %s\n", $e->getMessage());

        // Publish humidity once
        $client->publish(new DefaultMessage('sensors/humidity', '55%'))
            ->then(function (Message $message) {
                echo sprintf("Publish: %s => %s\n", $message->getTopic(), $message->getPayload());
            ->otherwise(function (\Exception $e) {
                echo sprintf("Error: %s\n", $e->getMessage());

        // Publish a random temperature every 10 seconds
        $generator = function () {
            return mt_rand(-20, 30);

        $client->publishPeriodically(10, new DefaultMessage('sensors/temperature'), $generator)
            ->progress(function (Message $message) {
                echo sprintf("Publish: %s => %s\n", $message->getTopic(), $message->getPayload());
            ->otherwise(function (\Exception $e) {
                echo sprintf("Error: %s\n", $e->getMessage());



$ composer test


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.