Bigfork’s SilverStripe CMS recipe

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Bigfork’s quickstart recipe for simple SilverStripe 4 projects. Contains frequently used modules, templates, config settings, JavaScript and CSS.

Project setup

  • Run composer create-project bigfork/silverstripe-recipe ./project dev-master
  • Answer yes to “Do you want to remove the existing VCS (.git, .svn..) history?”
  • Enter database host and name
  • Point your vhost document root to /project/public


We use Deployer for deployments, which can be installed either globally (recommended):

curl -LO
mv deployer.phar /usr/local/bin/dep
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/dep

Or on a per-project basis with Composer:

composer --dev require deployer/deployer

In order to upload/download assets and databases, you’ll also need to install sspak:

curl -sS | php -- /usr/local/bin


Edit deploy/config.php and set the application name and git repository URL. Everything else is optional.

Deploying a site

It’s as easy as dep deploy.

On the first deploy, you’ll probably want to include the database and assets:

dep deploy
dep silverstripe:upload_assets
dep silverstripe:upload_database

You’ll also be asked (the first time you deploy to a given stage) to provide database credentials used to populate .env.

Deploying to production

Much the same as deploying to staging, just provide a third argument to select the stage (either staging or production):

dep deploy production

Deploy a branch/tag

# Deploy the dev branch to staging
dep deploy --branch=dev

# Deploy tag 1.0.1 to production
dep deploy production --tag=1.0.1

Uploading/downloading database & assets manually

# Upload assets
dep silverstripe:upload_assets

# Upload database
dep silverstripe:upload_database

# Download assets
dep silverstripe:download_assets

# Download database
dep silverstripe:download_database

# Upload assets to production
dep silverstripe:upload_assets production

# Upload database to production
dep silverstripe:upload_database production

# Download assets from production
dep silverstripe:download_assets production

# Download database from production
dep silverstripe:download_database production

Manual dev/build

# dev/build on staging
dep silverstripe:dev_build

# dev/build on production
dep silverstripe:dev_build production