Boilerplate application for Zend Framework 2

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ZF2 Boilerplate is an unofficial & enhanced version of the original skeleton application, serve as a simple starting point to begin building your application based on latest Zend Framework 2 version while utilizing modern & must-have third party tools and libraries like Bower, Bootstrap 3, Grunt, Imagine, DoctrineORMModule, Phpunit etc..

Boilerplate home!

This project also aims to reduce repeated steps to start a new project based on ZF2 & Doctrine 2 while applying and following common best-practices for applications which care about scaling.


Just clone this project into your workstation, remove the .git dir, change the directory name to 'MyProject' and done! You're ready to continue coding on your very own app.

## Documentation Please check out the data/docs folder for detailed documentation.

## Installation Installation steps and requirements also documented on