Laminas Session Toolbar for Laminas\DeveloperTools

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What is it about ?

It is a Laminas module as session toolbar for LaminasDeveloperTools. It shows you the Laminas session data you've been using like this :

Fully Crud Laminas sessions data

You can reload, clear, add, update, and remove your sessions data.

This is README for version ^4.0 which only support Laminas 3 with php ^7.3|~8.0.

For version ^3.0, you can read at version 3.x.x readme which support Laminas 3 and php ^7.2.

For version 2.1.*, you can read at version 2.1.* readme which support ZF3 and php ^7.2.

For version 2.0.*, you can read at version 2.0.* readme which support ZF3 and php ^7.1.

For version 1, you can read at version 1 readme which still support ZF2 with php ^5.6|^7.0 support.


Installation of this module uses composer.

composer require san/san-session-toolbar

For composer documentation, please refer to

Enable it :

// config/application.config.php
return [
    'modules' => [
        // ...
        'SanSessionToolbar', // put at the end of modules list!
    // ...

Note :

  • for better ouput format, you need to have Xdebug installed in your system.
  • for laminas-mvc v3 usage, if you want to get FlashMessenger data, you need to install laminas/laminas-mvc-plugin-flashmessenger


Contributions are very welcome. Please read