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This project goal is to share and enforce code standards to all your projects.

Why create this?

Currently there are millions of php projects that do not follow or adapt any code standards.

I think the main reasons for that are:

  • Lack of time to implement a script to check them;
  • Not sure how those will help;
  • Not sure how to enforce them for all team members;
  • Not aware of what that is;

Using git-hook packages will enable everyone to share their hooks and reduce de number of projects not following any standards.

git-hook package

A git-hook package is a composer package that uses the type git-hook.

Any package that set git-hook-installer-plugin as dependency and type to git-hook will be installed on your project using this plugin.

Git-hook packages available

Create you own git-hook package to be listed here and share it with everyone.

How to create my git-hook packages?

You can start by looking into this example

Things required to create a new git-hook package?

Example of new composer.json file

    "name": "yourname/your-package-name",
    "type": "git-hook",
    "description": "Composer git-hook package with hooks for your php projects.",
    "require": {
        "bernardosilva/git-hooks-installer-plugin": "^1.0.0"

Note: Your composer.json must have a specific type to be installed in correct directory:

"type": "git-hook"

Also your git hooks should have execution permission.

Available hooks

You can create any of those files on your package with execute permissions.

See a list of all git hooks available

How to Install

php composer.phar require bernardosilva/git-hooks-installer-plugin

How to test


How to contribute

  • Create your own git hook composer package.

  • Create a PR to list your package on this page.

  • Raise new issues or add suggestions to improve this plugin.

Created By

Bernardo Silva


MIT © Bernardo Silva