Robots.txt parser and matcher

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This library allow to parse a Robots.txt file and then check for URL status according to defined rules. It follow the rules defined in the RFC draft visible here:


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This project can be installed using Composer. Add the following to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "bee4/robots.txt": "~2.0"

or run this command:

composer require bee4/robots.txt:~2.0



use Bee4\RobotsTxt\ContentFactory;
use Bee4\RobotsTxt\Parser;

// Extract content from URL
$content = ContentFactory::build("");

// or directly from robots.txt content
$content = new Content("
User-agent: *
Allow: /

User-agent: google-bot
Disallow: /forbidden-directory

// Then you must parse the content
$rules = Parser::parse($content);

//or with a reusable Parser
$parser = new Parser();
$rules = $parser->analyze($content);

//Content can also be parsed directly as string
$rules = Parser::parse('User-Agent: Bing
Disallow: /downloads');

// You can use the match method to check if an url is allowed for a give user-agent...
$rules->match('Google-Bot v01', '/an-awesome-url');      // true
$rules->match('google-bot v01', '/forbidden-directory'); // false

// ...or get the applicable rule for a user-agent and match
$rule = $rules->get('*');
$result = $rule->match('/'); // true
$result = $rule->match('/forbidden-directory'); // true