A cron table manager bundle for Symfony2

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v4.0 2018-03-14 16:22 UTC


It is a bundle that provides a web interface for managing cron table.

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  • Displays cron table with time expression, command, output file, error file and comment
  • Can guess last execution time and status (based on log files)
  • Can display log files
  • Support edit/add cron entry
  • Includes shortcuts to easily get common time expression, symfony command and symfony log directory
  • Translated in english, french and german


Cron list

Cron form

Cron output

Installation and configuration:

Get the bundle

If you are using Symfony 2.1 see previous tags according to your Symfony version

Add BCCCronManagerBundle:

    composer require bcc/cron-manager-bundle v4.0
    bin/console assets:install

Add BCCCronManagerBundle to your application kernel


    // app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        return array(
            // ...
            new BCC\CronManagerBundle\BCCCronManagerBundle(),
            // ...

Import the routing configuration

Add to your routing.yml:

#BCCCronManager routing
    resource: "@BCCCronManagerBundle/Resources/config/routing.xml"
    prefix:   admin/cron-manager

You can customize the prefix as you wish.

Don't forget to secure your route :

        - { path: ^/admin, role: ROLE_ADMIN }