A cron table manager bundle for Symfony

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v5.0 2020-11-09 17:06 UTC


It is a bundle that provides a web interface for managing cron table.

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  • Displays cron table with time expression, command, output file, error file and comment
  • Can guess last execution time and status (based on log files)
  • Can display log files
  • Support edit/add cron entry
  • Includes shortcuts to easily get common time expression, symfony command and symfony log directory
  • Translated in english, french and german


Cron list

Cron form

Cron output

Installation and configuration:

Get the bundle

Use Tag 5 for Symfony 5, see previous tags and README according to your older version

Add BCCCronManagerBundle:

    composer require bcc/cron-manager-bundle v5.0
    bin/console assets:install

Adding BCCCronManagerBundle to your application kernel and import the routing configuration is already done by SymfonyFlex

You can customize the prefix as you wish.

Don't forget to secure your route :

        - { path: ^/admin, role: ROLE_ADMIN }