Symfony bundle to require the user to confirm her update email address by clicking on a link sent to the new address. This should be part of the FriendsOfSymfony/UserBundle, but was not accepted as new feature by a maintainer.

1.1.0 2019-03-20 13:57 UTC


Symfony bundle which allows to use functionality of email change confirmation based on FOSUserBundle.


To install AzineEmailUpdateConfirmationBundle with Composer just add the following to your composer.json file:

// composer.json
    // ...
    require: {
        // ...
        "azine/emailupdateconfirmation-bundle": "dev-master"

Then, you can install the new dependencies by running Composer’s update command from the directory where your composer.json file is located:

php composer.phar require azine/emailupdateconfirmation-bundle

Now, Composer will automatically download all required files, and install them for you. All that is left to do is to update your AppKernel.php file, and register the new bundle:

// in AppKernel::registerBundles()

$bundles = array(
    // ...
    new Azine\EmailUpdateConfirmationBundle\AzineEmailUpdateConfirmationBundle(),
    // ...

Register the routes of the AzineEmailUpdateConfirmationBundle:

// in app/config/routing.yml

    resource: "@AzineEmailUpdateConfirmationBundle/Resources/config/routing.yml"

Configuration options

This is the complete list of configuration options with their defaults.

// app/config/config.yml

    # enables email update confirmation functionality
    enabled:        true

    # determines the encryption mode for encryption of email value. openssl_get_cipher_methods(false) is default value.
    cypher_method:  null

    # mailer service
    mailer:         azine.email_update.mailer

    # email template file
    email_template: @AzineEmailUpdateConfirmation/Email/email_update_confirmation.txt.twig

    # route to redirect after email confirmation 
    redirect_route: fos_user_profile_show

    # "from" email address for the confirmation email. The default is the same email as configured for the password-reset emails sent by the FOSUserBundle


Contributions are very welcome. Please fork the repository and issue your pull-request against the master branch.

The PR should:

  • contain a description what the PR solves or adds to the bundle (reference existing issues if applicable)
  • contain clean code with some iniline documentation and phpdocs, no "pure whitespace" changes.
  • respect the Symfony best practices and coding style
  • have phpunit tests covering the new feature or fix
  • result in a 'green' build for your branch on before you issue the PR

Code style

You can check the code style with the php-cs-fixer. Optionally you can set up a pre-commit hook which contains the php-cs-fixer check. Also see

All you have to do is to move pre-commit.sample file from commit-hooks/ to .git/hooks/ folder and rename it to pre-commit.

php-cs-fixer will check the style of your new added code each time you commit and apply fixes to the commit.

To run php-cs-fixer manually, install dependencies (composer install) and execute php vendor/friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer/php-cs-fixer --diff --dry-run -v fix --config=.php_cs.dist .

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