Work with JavaScript/CSS Source Map

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Last update: 2021-10-20 12:22:35 UTC


The library for work with Source Map files from PHP.

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  • The library does not require any dependencies (except composer packages).
  • Tested on PHP 5.4+, PHP 7, HHVM (on Linux), PHP 5.5 (on Windows).
  • Install: composer require axy/sourcemap.
  • License: MIT.


The library provider the following features for work with source map:

  • Creating a new source map file.
  • Search in an existing file.
  • Making changes to an existing file.
  • Simple changes: remove and rename sources, modify positions, etc.
  • Changing source map when inserted and removal from the generated content.
  • Concatenation source map files when concatenated files of code.
  • Merge intermediate source map files.

The library works with source map only. The library does not process the source files and does not generates the output file.