A set of useful, string-related helpers

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A set of useful, string-related helpers.


composer require avris/stringer


$stringer = (new LocalisatorBuilder())
    ->registerExtension(new LocalisatorExtension('en'))
    ->registerExtension(new StringerExtension())

If you register StringerTwig as a Twig extension, you can use all of the following helpers as Twig filters, for example:

echo $stringer->timeDiff('2017-03-04 20:56');

can also be used as:

{{ '2017-03-04 20:56'|timeDiff }} 

Some of the helpers need to be tailored to a specific language. English is built in and Polish can be added by Avris Polonisator. Check it out as a reference to adding more languages.


convertCase converts strings to several programistic conventions:

  • $stringer->convertCase('title')Title Case
  • $stringer->convertCase('camel')camelCase
  • $stringer->convertCase('pascal')PascalCase
  • $stringer->convertCase('underscore')underscore_case

Credits to Avro


A URL address treated with clearUrl will be trimmed of all the parts that don't have to be shown to the user:

<a href="{{ post.source }}" target="_blank">{{ post.source|clearUrl }}</a>

For https://9gag.com/gag/aVOBPxn?ref=fsidebar this code will produce a link to a valid URL, but displayed as 9gag.com/gag/aVOBPxn.


Function numberInWords accepts a number and returns a string with its representation in words:

375 → three hundred seventy-five
-279 → minus two hundred seventy-nine
146 → one hundred fourty-six
10000000 → ten million
5371.18 → five thousand three hundred seventy-one and eighteen hundrenth
5678 → five thousand six hundred seventy-eight
0.1 → one tenth
0.000908 → zero comma zero zero zero nine zero eight


Function numberInWords accepts a time (\DateTime or string parsable by \DateTime) and returns a string reading out this time. There are three modes available, with increasing details.

$stringer->timeInWords($time, TimeInWords::MODE_NICE) (default):

14:15:16 → quarter past two pm
05:13:32 → thirteen past five am
19:49:20 → eleven to eight pm
11:53:11 → seven to noon

$stringer->timeInWords($time, TimeInWords::MODE_SHORT):

14:15:16 → two fifteen pm
05:13:32 → five thirteen am
19:49:20 → seven fourty-nine pm
11:53:11 → eleven fifty-three pm

$stringer->timeInWords($time, TimeInWords::MODE_LONG):

14:15:16 → two fifteen pm and sixteen seconds
05:13:32 → five thirteen am and thirty-two seconds
19:49:20 → seven fourty-nine pm and twenty seconds
11:53:11 → eleven fifty-three pm and eleven seconds


Function timeDiff accepts a datetime (\DateTime or string parsable by \DateTime) and returns a string explaining how long ago it was / how far in the future it is. You can change the point of reference from "now" to a different date by specifying the second parameter.

echo $stringer->timeDiff('2018-03-04 20:56');

Will echo a text like "now", "5 minutes ago", "2 hours ago" etc., depending on current time.


Function listify takes a list of elements and a number, how many of them can be displayed at most (default 0, meaning no limit), while the rest will be replaced by "and X others" or similar, for example:

$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 1);   // '6 people commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 2);   //  'A and 5 others commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 3);   //  'A, B and 4 others commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 4);   //  'A, B, C and 3 others commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 5);   //  'A, B, C, D and 2 others commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 6);   //  'A, B, C, D, E and F commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 7);   //  'A, B, C, D, E and F commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 8);   //  'A, B, C, D, E and F commented'
$stringer->listify(['A','B','C','D','E','F'], 0);   //  'A, B, C, D, E and F commented'
$stringer->listify(['A'], 0);                       //  'A commented'
$stringer->listify(['A', 'B'], 0);                  //  'A and B commented'

The elements of the array can be either strings or objects with __toString defined.

By default the "people commented" translation is used, but you can change the translation keys with the third parameter:

$stringer->listify($loadedProcesses, 3, 'app:answer.listify.');

and in app.en.yml:

    simple: 'loaded'
    addition: '<> one process loaded|%count% processes loaded'
    others: '<> one other process loaded|%count% other processes loaded'
    and: 'and'


Function phone provides a nice formatting of a phone number:

  • it determines the country code (and normalises00 to +), and if it's not given, but you provided a default locale as a second parameter, it assumes the country code for that country,
  • if there is a PhoneLocaleFormatter registered for that country code, the phone number is further formatted, for instance for pl_PL / +48 from Avris Polonisator
    • it removes the optional 0 at the beginning
    • splits the number into correct blocks (mobile and special numbers – three blocks of three digits; landline – into city code and the actual number).
0048501123456 → +48 501 123 456
48911234567 → +48 91 1234567
0911234567 → 91 1234567
0202224 → 20 2224
001555123456 → +1 555123456
+69012345 → +690 12345


Function arabicToRoman converts natural numbers from range 1-3999 to roman.

Framework integration


In your App\App:registerModules register the Localisator module and the Stringer module:

yield new \Avris\Localisator\LocalisatorModule;
yield new \Avris\Stringer\StringerModule;

And it should work out of the box: Avris\Stringer\Stringer available in the container and the Twig extension registered.


Example servies.yaml config:

        - [registerExtension, ['@Avris\Localisator\LocalisatorExtension']]
        - [registerExtension, ['@Avris\Stringer\StringerExtension']]
        $locale: '%locale%'
Avris\Stringer\StringerExtension: ~

    factory: ['@Avris\Localisator\LocalisatorBuilder', build]
    arguments: ['Avris\Localisator\LocalisatorInterface']
Avris\Localisator\LocalisatorTwig: ~

    factory: ['@Avris\Localisator\LocalisatorBuilder', build]
    arguments: ['Avris\Stringer\Stringer']
    public: true