Simple deployment helper

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v0.7.1 2022-08-10 17:13 UTC

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Last update: 2024-02-10 20:37:54 UTC


Simple deployment helper. This script:

  • clones a given repository and branch
  • (optionally) runs some before commands
  • links files shared between deployements (like logs or .env)
  • executes make deploy
  • (optionally) runs some after commands
  • removes unnecessary files (like .git)
  • cleans up old releases (by default keeps 3 most recent ones)
  • links the release to the current directory
  • (optionally) runs some finish commands


composer global require avris/deployer


First, make sure all your essential project setup can be done via make deploy. An example Makefile in your repository:

    composer install --no-dev --optimize-autoloader
    bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate -n
    yarn build

Second, create a folder to which you will deploy and initialise Deployer:

mdkir project_name
cd project_name
deployer init <repo_url>

This command will create a directory shared. Put there all the files that are supposed to be shared between deployments.

It will also create deploy.php file. This file holds all the configuration of the deployment, and it looks like this:


return new class extends \Avris\Deployer\Config
        public function repositoryUrl(): string
                return 'git@gitlab.com:Avris/OurSong.git';

        public function sharedFiles(): iterable
                yield '.env';
                yield 'keys';
                yield 'server/.env.local';
                yield 'server/var/geo.json';
                yield 'server/var/log';

        public function finish(): iterable
                yield ['sudo', 'service', 'php7.1-fpm', 'restart'];

Only repositoryUrl is required. Check out Avris\Deployer\Config for all the config and hook options.

You can now execute a deployment: just run deployer (or deployer <branch> if you want to overwrite the default branch).

To switch between versions run deployer version list|prev|next.