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Shared password storage

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We all have lots of lots of passwords and access keys... Keeping them in a web browser or a window application is a good idea, but only until you need to share them with somebody.

Clavis can be installed on your PHP server (no 3rd party involved in storing your sensitive data). It lets you share your keys and be in control of what and with whom are you sharing.

It's easy, safe, comfortable and totally free!


To install Clavis, download its latest version from clavis.avris.it and unzip it inside your web server public directory. Make sure that the domain points to web folder, and that App/parameters.yml, cache and logs are writable.

Now enter your website from the web browser and you should see the Clavis Installer. Just fill out all the fields and enjoy Clavis!

To get a developer version, use Composer with:

php composer.phar create-project avris/clavis


Clavis is based on the Micrus framework, so check out its documentation for more information.

To change the content of emails sent by Clavis, just edit the App/Locale/en.yml file.

To translate Clavis, create a new file in App/Locale based on en.yml, containing key-value pairs (like Add key: Dodaj klucz) and change your default locale in App/config.yml.

To use different encryption algorythm than the default one, add this service in App/config.yml:

  class: App\Service\MyCrypt
  parameters: [@config.parameters.secret, @app, @config.security]

And create file App\Service\MyCrypt.php:

namespace App\Service;

use Avris\Micrus\Crypt;

class MyCrypt extends Crypt
    public function encrypt($encrypt)
		// your code here
        return 'encrypted'; 

    public function decrypt($decrypt)
		// your code here
        return 'decrypted';