web-framework is a secure-by-default PHP framework for quickly making PHP sites and APIs

4.1.3 2022-11-18 09:29 UTC


WebFramework is a secure by default web-framework for PHP.

WebFramework is not based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) but on Model-Action-Responder (MAR) instead. A big difference with other frameworks is therefore where which logic is located.

In general WebFramework apps have the following directories in their root:

  • actions: A file for each PageAction endpoint and each set of API functions that belong together grouped in an ApiAction.
  • frames: The overarching frame files with the background template for pages.
  • htdocs: The location for the core index.php and external static files like images, CSS and javascript files.
  • includes: The core app/business logic and model files.
  • templates: The templates used by the PageActions.


Installing WebFramework with composer:

composer require avoutic/web-framework

You can also start with a base project:

composer create-project avoutic/web-framework-example

More details can be found in the Installation guide.


If you are migrating between different versions of WebFramework, be sure to check out the Migration guide for instructions on any big changes.