PHP client for the SMS Broadcast API

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SmsBroadcast PHP API Client

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This is a simple API client for SMS Broadcast.

You can view their API documentation here.


composer require atymic/sms-broadcast


Creating the client

$client = \Atymic\SmsBroadcast\Factory\ClientFactory::create(
    '0412345678' // Default sender, optional

Sending a message to a single recipient

try {
    $response = $client->send('0487654321', 'This is an sms message');
} catch (\Atymic\SmsBroadcast\Exception\SmsBroadcastException $e) {
    echo 'Failed to send with error: ' . $e->getMessage();

echo 'SMS sent, ref: ' . $response->getSmsRef();

Sending a message to a multiple recipients

$to = ['0487654321', '0487654322', '0487654323']
$responses = $client->sendMultiple($to, 'This is an sms message');

foreach ($responses as $response) {
    echo $response->hasError()
        ? 'Failed to send SMS: ' . $response->getError()
        : 'SMS sent, ref: ' . $response->getSmsRef();

Check SMS credit balance

echo $client->getBalance(); // int(1222)


By default only unit tests will run. If you want to run the integration tests, copy the phpunit.dist.xml file to phpunit.xml and supply your SMS Broadcast credentials & to number in the file.

WARNING - Integration tests will send real SMS messages, so make sure not to run them in CI.

composer test


  • Support for incoming message webhooks