PHP powered interface for querying the most popular Search Engines

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--- reCAPTCHA V2 -- Feb 10, 2018 -- Fixed on March 3, 2018

Google Search no longer uses its image-based captcha.
It has now moved on to its new reCAPTCHA v2 which makes it very difficult for robots and scripts to bypass.
We're looking for a solution. Stay tuned.

The purpose of this library is to provide an easy, undetectable, and captcha resistant way to extract data from all major search engines such as Google and Bing.

Extracting Search Results From Google

use SerpScraper\Engine\GoogleSearch;

$page = 1;
$google = new GoogleSearch();

// all available preferences for Google
$google->setPreference('results_per_page', 100);
//$google->setPreference('google_domain', '');
//$google->setPreference('date_range', 'hour');

$results = array();

do {

	$response = $google->search("how to scrape google", $page);
	// error field must be empty otherwise query failed
	if($response->error == false){
		$results = array_merge($results, $response->results);
	} else if($response->error == 'captcha'){
		// assuming you have a subscription  to this captcha solving service:
		$status = $google->solveCaptcha("dbc_username", "dbc_password");

} while ($response->has_next_page);

Extract Search Results from Bing

use SerpScraper\Engine\BingSearch;

$bing = new BingSearch();
$results = array();

for($page = 1; $page < 10; $page++){
	$response = $bing->search("search bing using php", $page);
	if($response->error == false){
		$results = array_merge($results, $response->results);
	if($response->has_next_page == false){



The recommended way to install this is via Composer:

composer require athlon1600/serpscraper

TO-DO List

  • Support for Yahoo Search
  • Support for DuckDuckGo