SendGrid email sending wrapper for the Athens framework.

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Send your Athens framework emails using your SendGrid account.

By default, the Athens framework uses the Php command send to deliver emails. If you have a SendGrid account, you can use this package to send your emails using SendGrid instead.


Because this package has depends on multiple other packages, we strongly recommend installing it using Composer. Add athens/sendgrid to your your composer.json:

"require": {
        "athens/sendgrid": "0.*",

Then update/install your Composer dependencies.

If you haven't already done so, create a SendGrid API key. Paste that into your local_settings.php:

define('SENDGRID_API_KEY', 'mybiglongsendgridapikey');

Now define your default emailer in setup.php:

use Athens\Core\Etc\Settings;

That's it! If you provided the correct API key, your Athens emails are now being sent with SendGrid! Check your SendGrid dashboard to confirm.

Getting Involved

Feel free to open pull requests or issues. GitHub is the canonical location of this project.

Here's the general sequence of events for code contribution:

  1. Open an issue in the issue tracker.
  2. In any order:
  • Submit a pull request with a failing test that demonstrates the issue/feature.
  • Get acknowledgement/concurrence.
  1. Revise your pull request to pass the test in (2). Include documentation, if appropriate.