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Arx Starter Project Template

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What's bundled here ?

Arx project propose a clean startup project template to start with Laravel 5. It includes :

  • Laravel
  • default usefull Laravel packages like : ide-helper, debugbar, etc.
  • Arx Core as an extension of Laravel (see for more informations
  • Arx/core improvements :
    • Tpl Engine to handle angular templating (exactly the same as blade the only difference with blade is that {{ }} are replaced with <% %> for better angular convenience and you have a helper $this->help() that you can call in a view to know what variables is availables
    • body attributes auto class attributes based on Paul Irish structure
    • better debug var_dump with Kint
    • Assets management
    • ide-helper generator
    • laravel debug-bar
    • gulp generator
    • angular generator (controller, directive, filter etc.)
    • Additionnal classes like a Image class helper, Dummy text generator, Hook helper, Opengraph reader etc.
    • Startup layouts with bootstrap structure
    • helpers for Bootstrap
    • Api usefull class and helpers
    • Useful traits to use in your model to handle fileupload, etc.
  • Angular + Bootstrap3 + common ui plugins
  • Vagrant config with PHP 5.4, benstalkd, mongo config if you need it
  • Gulp default config to handle your assets
  • default bower config with most used plugins in a startup project

To start with Arx project you can simply create a project with Composer like this :

composer create arx/project your_app_name

If your new with Laravel, we highly recommend you to read his wonderfull docs here :



  • Nodejs to handle your asset package
  • Bower to install package
  • Gulp

How to install ?

sudo php composer{link to you composer phar or global} create arx/project {Your folder destination} --prefer-source
# Example
php composer create arx/project myapp --prefer-source


/!\ After installing Laravel, you may need to grant the web server write permissions to the app/storage directories. See the Installation documentation for more details on configuration.

How to run ?

Run with Wamp|Mamp|Xampp etc.

If you have Mamp\Wamp you have to simply run to the localhost/{path to your project}. Example : localhost/myapp/public

Run with your PHP CLI in the terminal

If you don't, you can run in the terminal* (at the root of your project)

php artisan serve

Then you will get access to your project via : http://localhost:8000

  • this option requires you to install the mcrypt extension see

Run with Vagrant (best way)

You can start the project with Vagrant too.

Just download vagrant here

Then in your terminal at the project root just run :

vagrant up

That's it, you can access via http://localhost:8080 :-)

How to install assets

Arx project uses Gulp and Bower to make things pretty. You need to install Node, Bower and Gulp.

Then at root of your project

Run in the terminal :

bower install
npm install


Elixir of Laravel is great but not usable in other case than a Laravel project and it's not really as flexible than using directly Gulp plugins...

Also, we decide to separate the config and the process logic so you can more easily copy-paste config assets in an other project and make a different processing of that.

That's why you have 2 files :

  • gulp-config.js
  • gulpfile.js

Gulp-config it's almost at 90% where you will handle your assets. It handles most of the assets cases and offers a simplest way to make dynamic variables with <%= %> or organize your assets.

You can read the gulp-config for further informations of how it works.


Arx come with an optionnal assets package for the demo or quick app prototyping. You can publish the assets with

php artisan assets:publish arx/core

It will create a folder in public/packages/arx/core folder. But you can delete it if you don't need it.

How to report a bug or suggestion ?

If you want to report a bug or a suggestion, please go to our centralized issue tracker our issue tracker

How to contribute ?

If you want to contribute to the Arx project, please go on our Arx-contrib repository