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Arxmin is an universal admin management system for an Arx project

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5.2.2 2016-02-03 10:34 UTC

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Arxmin is a simple Admin package for Laravel. It consist of some wrapped packages and helpers to help you to build an awesome admin for your Laravel project.

It includes :

  • Admin LTE + starter template
  • ModuleController Helpers
  • Pingpong Modules
  • Rapyd Zofe
  • Nested Baum


To install Arxmin as a Composer package to be used with Laravel 5, simply run:

composer require "arx/arxmin: 5.*"

Once it's installed, you can register the service provider in config/app.php in the providers array:

'providers' => [

Then publish Arxmin's assets with php artisan vendor:publish.

After that, you need to go run :

php artisan arxmin:install


The documentation is available at


The Arxmin package is totally agnostic. It means that everything is separated as a module so you download only that you really needs in your Laravel Project and in Your Admin.

The package consist of some helpers your admin but you are free to manage your User management, Blog and Data management as you want.

Please go to Modules Tab and begin to build or explore something amazing !

How to create/load a module ?

To create a module, you can run in your terminal :

php artisan module:make your_module

Then after that you will see a modules/$$your_module$$ folder with a start.php at the begining.

How to add your module in the Arxmin ?

To add your module inside the admin interface.

  1. You need to register the menu in your start.php file.

Example :

In start.php

    'name' => 'Dashboard', # Name of your Dashboard
    'ref' => 'dashboard', # absolute ref of your module
    'type' => 'module', # type of element (by default module)
    'ico' => 'fa-home', # font-awesome icon to use
    'link' => url('/arxmin/modules/dashboard'), # the absolute module path
    'position' => 0, # the wanted position in the Admin
  1. In your controller who handle your link url. You need to extend the Arxmin\ModuleController.

Example :

use Arxmin\ModuleController;

class DashboardController extends ModuleController {
	public function anyIndex()
		$title = __("Dashboard example");

		$description = __("This dashboard can be customised in /modules/Dashboard");

		return $this->viewMake('dashboard::index', get_defined_vars());
  1. In your view, you need to extend arxmin::layouts.admin.



  • Please look at the Arxmin documentation for available section.

For more information, please go to (