A render for API Blueprints compatible with Laravel.

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A render for API Blueprints compatible with Laravel.

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Blueprint can be installed as a standalone application, capable of developing locally and serving the static assets:

composer create-project artisansdk/blueprint

The Blueprint package installs into a PHP application like any other PHP package:

composer require artisansdk/blueprint

Usage Guide

If setup as a standalone application the following commands are available:

bin/blueprint export [--format=html]
bin/blueprint serve [--host=] [--port=8000] [--tries=10]

If installed into a Laravel project the following commands are registered:

php artisan blueprint:export [--format=html]
php artisan blueprint:serve [--host=] [--port=8000] [--tries=10]

Additionally there are Composer scripts that wrap these commands:

composer export
composer serve
composer watch

Note: The composer watch script relies upon watchman-make in order to watch the Blade and config file changes and then automatically re-export the API Blueprint as HTML.

Blueprint Development

Typically during development of the API Blueprint, developers will be tweaking the contents of the API Blueprint itself but will also make changes to the Blade templates and corresponding stylesheets. Open 3 separate terminals and run each of the following to watch for asset changes and template changes and to host a development PHP server:

yarn watch
composer watch
composer serve


Copyright (c) 2023 Artisan Made

This package is released under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file distributed with every copy of the code for commercial licensing terms.