A command line tool to install ArtisanCMS

0.1.39 2016-11-29 06:55 UTC



To install this package, you need to have Composer already installed. [Composer] (

Once you have Composer installed. Run this command:

composer global require "artisancms/installer"

Once that has installed, you may need to source your terminal (or open a new tab or just close terminal and reopen). Then you should be able to use the studio key to install ArtisanCMS.

Install ArtisanCMS

studio new name - where name is the name of the project (the name of the folder ArtisanCMS will be installed into).

After ArtisanCMS has installed, you should be able to customize using Composer just like you would with Laravel.

Note: This is a VERY early release state of this project. Install and play with it, but no where near production ready yet. Thank you for being interested though!

Update to 0.1.1